Frequently Asked Questions For Students

Q. How do I start a club?

A. Staring a club at UVU is easy! To charter (or register a club) the Annual Charter Form must be completed. This is found at under “Club Forms”. The only requirements are as follows:

1) A minimum of 6 members (Name, UV ID number, and contact information must be provided).

2) A full time UVU faculty or staff member must agree to serve as the club advisor and complete the Advisor Agreement Form also found at under “Club Forms”.

3) Provide a Club Constitution, which serves as a governing document for the club.

Q. How do I join a club?

A. To join a club you’ll need to contact the club you are interested in directly. Club contact information can be found at under “Alphabetical Club List”. Each club is required to charge membership dues, which can range in cost depending on the club. Club membership dues ensure that the club has funds to do things that they’d like. Often the monies go towards socials, refreshments, club activities, equipment, etc.

Q. Does UVU give clubs money?

A. Clubs are often given up to $200 ($100 per semester) for just becoming a club, but the Annual Charter Form must be completed on time. Deadlines for charter forms can be found on the club calendar but are often the 3rd or 4th week of semester. In addition to charter funds, the UVU Clubs Office strives to provide opportunities for clubs to earn money for participating in campus wide events such as Club Rush.

Q. Can clubs fundraise?

A. Clubs are allowed to fundraise as much as they would like, and all funds earned must be deposited into the club account. Fundraisers and any other club event require prior approval. Instructions on fundraising and appropriate can be found in the Handbook of Procedures and Guidelines at


FAQ for Students


Contact our staff if you have any further questions:

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  • 801.863.8820
  • ROOM SL-122