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Brett E Gonzalez - 2017-2018 Vice President of Clubs 
About Brett
My name is Brett González, I am currently a Junior in the Behavioral Science Program with an emphasis in Family Studies. I am the Vice President of Clubs, I oversee all of the clubs on campus with the assistance of my four Club Ambassadors. I got involved when I found the Family Studies club on campus last year and I am also involved in the Photo Fam (photography club). My career goal to become a Marriage and Family Therapist quickly after my first semester.
I am a photographer by hobby, it is my passion. I enjoy venturing outdoors and exploring the wonders of nature. I love my spending time with family and friends and I LOVE UVU!!!

Kimberly Feldman - Assistant to the Vice President of Clubs  
About Kimberly
My name is Kim Feldman. I am the Assistant to the Vice President of Clubs. I'm majoring in Interaction Design, which means I love figuring out how to make a design usable and beautiful. I also enjoy photography, reading, and trying new recipes. I got involved with Clubs because I firmly believe that doing more of what you love brings out the best that life has to offer.

Annie L Arvizu - Club Ambassador-Performing Arts & Media and Ethnic & Cultural Clubs 
About Annie
Hi, my name is Annie Arvizu, and I am a sophomore studying Public Relations here at UVU. I am also a Club Ambassador at UVU and I am over the Performing Arts & Media Clubs as well as the Athletic & Recreational Clubs. I enjoy pineapple on my pizza and strawberries in my lemonade. I like long walks down every aisle at Target and drives up any and all the canyons in Utah. I enjoy all sports but mostly volleyball and football. I love to travel and have been to over 8 different countries including France and Switzerland (my all time favorites). I love to try new things, and I love going on all kinds of adventures. Go wolverines!

Chandler A Joly - Club Ambassador-Academic & Political and Social Awareness Clubs  
About Chandler
“Strangers are just friends you haven’t met.”

Born and raised in Draper UT, Chandler is very fond of mountains, rain, and Utah Valley University. He currently studies as a sophomore in digital marketing with emphasis in leadership at UVU. He serves on Student Government Council as a club ambassador and spends his time reporting and observing over 30+ clubs on campus.

Recently, he has finished serving as President of the “I am First” club, at UVU. His responsibilities included the creation and participation of the new, first-generation student social club with his other officers on campus.

Lately, Chandler has been awarded the Circle of Excellence within the Center for the Advancement of Leadership at UVU for exemplary leadership experience and positively impacting the community.

Currently, He is working closely with multiple organizations on campus to promote the “Come Emma” project, which is a student ran project to bring Emma Watson to UVU as a guest speaker to inspire the students and community of higher education and leadership.

When Chandler is not in class or serving the students, he uses his Real Estate license and works as a Broker Assistant in a local Real Estate and Mortgage Company. He attends to the details of the growing company and assists in the progressive decisions of the Broker. He loves his Job.

After his two year LDS mission in Salem OR, Chandler enjoys finding opportunities to serve and lead. He develops his leadership style by taking advantage of opportunities presented him, one specific was attending Eagle U, a leadership success program, during the summer.

He is passionate about religion, his family, making friends, influencing people, and taking advantage of the open doors around him.

Hannah Cosper - Club Ambassador-Pre Professional & Social clubs 
About Hannah
Hey! I'm Hannah Cosper. I'm from Utah, born and raised. I have three goats and three older brothers. I'm a hiker, a rock climber and an Irish dance teacher. I play the piano, ukulele, and on occasion, I can play a pretty mean game of foosball.
I'm so excited to be the club ambassador over the pre-professional and social clubs at Utah Valley University. I am currently majoring in American Sign Language interpreting and loving it!
I'm proud to be at UVU and am looking forward to this upcoming year!

Sara Callor - Club Ambassador-Athletic & Recreational, Service & Religious Clubs  
About Sara
My name is Sara. I am from Cali, born at a very young age. I like long walks on the...lake? And I like to party.

I serve as a Club Ambassador with UVUSA and a Wolverine Ambassador at the Prospective Students' Services. Getting involved in different associations and activities has made my experience at UVU more meaningful. As a Club Ambassador, I work with the Service, Religious, and Ethnic and Cultural clubs. As a Wolverine Ambassador, I help connect prospective students to UVU and give tours around the campus. My passion is UVU and I strive to help others find their passion in UVU and the things they love to do.


Kaela Lunt - Department Coordinator, Clubs and Orgs.  
About Kaela
As the Coordinator for Clubs at Utah Valley University, Kaela is an advocate for "Doing More of What You Love" and encourages all students to get involved. As a graduate of Utah State University, Kaela got involved in more than just academics and majoring in Human Development. She was an A-Team Peer Mentor, the USUSA Arts & Lectures Director, USUSA Elections Committee Co-Chair, Aggie Blue Facilitator and the Special Olympics Historian. Getting involved during college is what made her decide that she wanted to work in higher education and further pursue helping students get involved, as the student involvement staff did for her. Kaela is a lover of people, adventure, food, her husband, giraffes and UVU. GO WOLVERINES!

Kylie M Tanner - Assistant Coordinator-Clubs 
About Kylie
As the Vice President of Clubs & Organizations, Kylie loves helping people 'do more of what they love' by connecting students to their passions. She developed a love for UVU as soon as she got involved and saw all that this great university has to offer. The UV Mentor Program, Philanthropy Council, Student Alumni Association,and Ping Pong Club president are just a few of the ways Kylie has been involved on campus. She is currently a junior studying speech communication with a minor in Community Health Education and loves to go boating, travel, and spend time with her friends and family. CLUBS..... #domoreofwhatyoulove

Cassidy Tippets  
About Cassidy
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